While You’re Focused on Afghanistan, Here is What Biden’s conspirators are Doing Quietly and you won’t believe whose helping them.


“It turns out the Biden administration has been completely remaking the federal judiciary as the rest of us have been focused on Afghanistan. In just the past three months, without many people noticing it at all the administration has gotten on the remarkable number of its judges through. Joe Biden has nominated thirty-three of them and nine of those judges have already been confirmed and many more soon will follow.”

There has been a serious breach within the Republican Party that has been occurring quietly while the public has been otherwise distracted by the ongoing outrage of the Afghanistan debacle. In a four and a half minute long closing monologue Tucker Carlson laid out a cold-hard case that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a key member of the Senate Judiciary Committee has been the pivotal vote, siding with Democrats against his own party in confirming nine of Biden’s so-far thirty-three Judiciary nominations. At least two of those nominees are nothing short of rabidly insane leftist activists.

Biden’s Been Stacking The Circuit Courts Quietly With Lindsey Graham’s Help. Biden nominees like Myrna Perez, director of the Brennan Center’s Voting Rights and Elections Program who has previously railed against Voter ID laws for over a decade.

“No president in the past 40 years has come close to these numbers in his first term. Many of these judges and Biden administration will admit this, are full-blown political activists. They’re not jurists, they’re left-wing ideologues, like Myrna Perez who Joe Biden has appointed to one of the most important courts in the country the second circuit court of appeals. Myrna has spent the last 15 years campaigning against voter ID laws. Anyone who wants voter ID according to Perez must be a racist.”

Graham hasn’t voted even once to reject a Biden nominee, and described Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson as a vehemently anti-Trump Judge who wrote opinions describing the President as “an illegal monarch”.