Weak Judges once again allow violent offenders, of foreign extraction, to avoid well deserved Jail Time.


No jail for violent racist attack on white officer who, while being beaten, the assailants called “white motherf***er.”

Can you imagine the uproar if the officer had been Black and two violent White assailants had, while beating him, called him, “black basta**d.”

29 May 2021 Share

Dudley man Raja Malik has avoided jail after admitting to the racially aggravated assault of a council litter officer, during which he referred to the man as a “white motherf***er”.

Mohammed Nawaz also dodged jail after admitting to assault and using an offensive weapon, when he smacked the council worker with a mop handle during the ugly scene – shattering the wooden object on impact.

The two have avoided imprisonment after being handed suspended prison sentences, with Malik’s nine month sentence being suspended for two years and Nawaz’s six month sentence being suspended for one year.

Many on social media were unimpressed with the punishment meted out to the thugs, with one person saying: “Great police work let down yet again by piss poor sentencing. It’s no wonder people use weapons like this on each other, they know they won’t face any real consequences”.

Would outcome would be the same were the races reversed, NOT A CHANCE: “Sadly we know that if they were white they would have received a custodial sentence and deservedly so.”

Footage released by the West Midlands Police shows the ugly incident, as well as a police visit to an address in Jasmine Street, where cops were forced to kick in the front door.

The pair have also been ordered to pay the victim £500 in compensation. £250 each for a violent attack on a Council Officer….Like that’s a real deterrent???

Dudley Police Inspector Pete Sandhu, said: “This was a really shocking incident, a violent attack and racist abuse against a Council Officer who was simply doing his job.

“They threatened the Officer and attacked him with Nawaz shattering a wooden pole over him as he tried to retreat.”

There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior and the two men should have been severely punished. This was a violent crime and as such warranted a custodial sentence to show that violence will not be accepted, whatever the skin colour, religion or ethnicity of the offender.

It’s not the first time an anti-white hate incident has received soft punishment, with a black woman dubbed the Pimlico Pusher dodging jail back in February after calling an elderly woman a “white b***h” and pushing her into the path of a moving bus – because the judge thought the offender was a person of previously “good character”.