Washington DC 6th January 2021 The People turn out on a showery but bright day to support the President and show their disgust at the way evidence of electoral fraud has been ignored


President Trump’s supporters are out in force but even though his rallies are renowned for non-violence, it is a worry that the masked mobs of thugs from Antifa and BLM might do their utmost to cause chaos and cast the blame on the supporters as is their usual ploy.

Local groups of Antifa are independent and prefer not to announce their actions ahead of time so that Law enforcement may not be prepared for their violence. The number of members varies, increasing or decreasing depending on the circumstances. Sometimes they can work with loosely structured organisations such as Black Lives Matter, also usually violent, other times they work by themselves. Their actions have been rejected by many protest organisers working for causes that Antifa groups profess to care about.

Let’s hope that Law enforcement is adequately prepared this time and that the event allows protesters to vent their anger loudly but peacefully without being intimidated by the thugs of the militant left. Ordinary Americans should be allowed to show their feelings without fear of these sorts of threats from those that wish to stifle free speech. In their vision, the USA would have more in common with a version of a George Orwell type Utopia and not “The Land of the Free” that Americans have known for generations.