Ukraine LIVE: Farmers in stitches as captured Russian vehicle towed away by TRACTOR | World | News


Images of captured Russian military hardware being towed away by tractors has become a daily feature on social media . The latest video shows a Russian BTR-82A armoured personnel carrier in Huliaipole, Zaporizhzhia  Oblast being removed from the battle field by a Ukrainian tractoir driver. The vehicle was captured by Ukraine’s Territorial Defence fighters.

In further news, Lieutenant General Yakov Rezantsev died during a Ukrainian strike on an airfield near Kherson, a Russian-occupied city to the north of Crimea.

He was the commander of the 49th combined arms army of the southern military district, headquartered in Stavropol, a city in the south of Russia about 300 miles from the Ukrainian border.

The 48-year-old commander had boasted to troops on the fourth day of the war that victory in their campaign to “de-nazify” and “de-militarise” Ukraine would be achieved within hours. He becomes the seventh senior Russian commander to have been killed in action.

On Saturday, President Zelensky claimed that Russia had lost 16,000 soldiers as the war entered its fifth week and that Ukraine had dealt significant blows to Putin’s army.

He said: “Over the past week, our heroic Armed Forces have dealt powerful blows to the enemy. Significant losses. 

“I am grateful to our defenders who showed the occupiers that the sea will not be calm for them even when there is no storm. Because there will be fire.”


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