UK snow: Britain brace for snowy weekend as mercury plunges to -5C in arctic blast | UK | News


According to the meteorologists, the north of England could see gale force winds and temperatures plummet before a band of snow is expected to arrive on Sunday. Tyler Roys, a senior meteorologist at Accuweather, told “The larger chance for snow will occur Sunday and linger into Monday.

“A rapidly deepening storm will move across Scotland on Sunday, which will bring gusty winds, possibly gale-force.

“This storm will likely bring snow across the Scottish Highlands that could accumulate at least several inches.

“There is a possibility that some of the snow does reach the interior valleys in Scotland.

“Confidence is not high on this happening just yet.

“There is still some disagreement on this happening.

“If snow does reach the interior valleys, I can’t rule out a couple of inches accumulating.”

The update from weather experts comes after a period of stability, with Brits facing mild conditions over the last few weeks.

However, the Met Office has predicted “windy” and “unsettled” weather across the UK over the weekend.

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“The north/south divide will continue through Wednesday and Thursday, likely wet and windy in northern areas, and drier conditions in the south, with temperatures remaining mild.

“Wintry showers possible over high ground in Scotland.

“Moving further into February, the largely settled and cloudy weather is likely to remain for most, with some rain and strong winds in the far northwest at times.

“Overall, temperatures are likely to be near or milder than average through this period, although some brief colder than average spells are possible, likely to be restricted to northern areas.”

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