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It all started when Casper’s owner Ryan posted a video on Tik Tok of him digging up the garden. The ‘failed sheepdog’ now has more than 16 million likes and 650,000 followers on Tik Tok.

Casper along with his owner Ryan create lip sync videos. 

Ryan films videos of Casper moving his mouth and body and dubs human voices over the top of them. 

Ryan casts Casper as quite an innocent and gullible dog.

So far, he has pretended to be a sheep, auditioned for Star Paws, got flowers and flour mixed up – and most famously dug up the garden.

Casper’s friends Daisy and Bernie also star in the videos.

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Owner Ryan, 32 is a probation officer and lives in Stafford.  He set up the Tik Tok account during the lockdown to pass the time. 

He told WalesOnline: “The reason I played Casper as wet behind the ears, and Daisy the clever streetwise one is because that is the complete opposite in real life. 

“Casper is insanely intelligent. Daisy, not so much. But she’s adorable, and she does sprint around and she gets the zoomies.

“Neither of us were working because my wife [Kristen] got furloughed so we were sort of just sat doing nothing. 

“So I got TikTok just to watch. And then I thought, oh, I’ll make a video. Nothing much came with them. And then I think it was September last year, I did the one with Casper about digging up the garden. And then that just went viral immediately.”

The video of Casper digging up the garden caused a viral sensation. It has more than 1.8m views and 240,000 likes.

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Ryan explained his favourite type of videos to create: “I enjoy the ones that I put the sound effects in like running off and jumping out the window or causing mayhem in the background. They’re quite fun.”

“The ones that I put a lot of work in, don’t do as well as the ones that I just think that’ll be right. It’s a filler, and they’re the ones that go viral. And you just think they’re annoying. I’m glad they go viral. But it’s irritating because some of the other ones we’ve put a lot of work into them.”

Since setting up the Tik Tok account Ryan has written and sold two children’s books which sold out within 40 minutes. He’s also created custom ringtones.

He added: “One of the weird things that sold which I thought had died a death years ago was ring tones and text message tones and alarm tones.

“So loads of people were asking me to do them. I thought you know what, I’ll just do them. And I upload them to the site for 99p each. And they’re just selling, selling selling.”

To watch videos of Casper and find out more follow @Casp47 on Instagram and Tik Tok or check out their website at teamcasp47.com

Additional reporting Andrew Stuart.

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