Steve Scalise BREAKS INTERNET With Historic Speech On Voter Fraud From House Floor but Pelosi ignores him


Pelosi just dismisses the truths in the speech with absolutely no interest.

It seems the Democrats just want victory by any means fair or foul. Remember when Harry Reid finally admitted he lied, then said it doesn’t matter, we won!

It’s hard to believe that the Supreme Court refused to examine the evidence of fraud in this election. It’s even harder to believe that a man with so much evidence of corruption against him, including video evidence and words from his own mouth bragging about it, should be able to become President of the United States of America.

The facts emerging that there was deliberate infiltration of the March on the Capitol by violent members of Antifa and others in an attempt to get President Trump’s supporters discredited, is an indictment of the left. So many black Americans on that march and yet the Democrats are trying to brand it as in favour of white supremacy. When will the lies and manipulation of the truth end. You might well ask but it’s doubtful that it will end during a Biden Presidency. The Democrats seem to have decided that the end justifies the means.