Russia news: Invasion of Ukraine could encourage China to attack Taiwan – new warning | UK | News


GB News host Alastair Stewart warned that the likely Russian of Ukraine could lead to a merry-go-round of other incursions, such as China attacking Taiwan.

Mr Stewart warned that the stakes “globally couldn’t be much higher” and that Ukraine, as Boris Johnson declared, want to join NATO which Russia have a problem with.

He said: “In a nutshell Ukraine, a democratic state, a country that has been free for a generation, as Boris Johnson put it, wants to join NATO.

“The foreign Secretary herself, Liz Truss, says as much in today’s Mail on Sunday.

“And Sunday Times write of appeasement, echoing Defense Secretary Ben Wallace’s concern about the whiff of Munich, [and] not the security conference that’s just finished Chamberlain’s duping by Hitler in 1938.”

All Vladimir Putin has set his sights on is a return to “superpower status” and the odds are high that he has the last laugh, especially if the West fails to thwart Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Stewart said: “Now, within the growing engagement between Russia and China, which Liz Truss also mentions and a more worrying picture develops.


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Mr Stewart then slammed Ukraine President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy for leaving his country at such a critical time.

He said: “Many thought it was pretty bold of the Ukraine’s president Zelenskyy [Volodymyr] to even leave his country in the current climate to attend the Munich security conference yesterday!

“But he clearly felt the need to deliver his message face-to-face to world leaders and NATO.

“I quote ‘We will defend our line land with or without the support of our partners’.

“He went on to say Ukraine will not be the buffer between NATO and the Russian army.

“Earlier at the same conference, Boris Johnson had said if Russia invaded Ukraine, it would mean and I quote ‘the destruction of a democratic state, a country that has been free for a generation with a proud history of elections’.”

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