Russia handed another blow as Ukraine disintegrates fast-attacks crafts off Snake Island | World | News


Russia has been suffering significant equipment losses ever since the start of the war on February 24, with several videos emerging of both tanks and helicopters being destroyed in successful drone strikes. New footage shared by Ukraine’s Defence forced has now suggested Moscow suffered further losses in the Black Sea after another drone attack. Footage shared on the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s Facebook page appeared to show two Russian Raptor fast-attack craft being blown to smithereens off the coast of Snake Island.

One of the two boats can be seen sailing as Ukrainian forces target it at a distance from a monitor.

The footage second later shows a considerable conflagration destroying the first ship, with the video later cutting to video of an unmanned drone.

Chief of General Staff Valeriy Zaluzhniy said the boats were destroyed at dawn.

He wrote on Facebook: “Two Russian Raptor-class boats were destroyed at dawn today near Zmiinyi (Snake) Island.”


The Raptor boats were being used to help the Russian military evacuate, it has been claimed.

Ukraine’s Operational Command South said: “The strikes came as the enemy tried to carry out the evacuation and replenishment of personnel.”

It comes as the UK’s ambassador to Ukraine has said she feels “comfortable” returning to Kyiv despite Russian threats against diplomats in the Ukrainian capital.

Melinda Simmons arrived in Kyiv late on Friday, following the announcement last month that Britain would be reopening its embassy in the city in a show of support for Ukraine’s fight against the Russian invasion.

“I am here with a heightened level of security protection and bearing in mind that potential risk, but for now I feel comfortable working under those circumstances.”

Britain moved embassy staff to the western city of Lviv shortly before Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his long-expected invasion of Ukraine in February.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a press conference during a visit to India in April that staff would begin returning to Kyiv thanks to Ukraine repelling Moscow’s troops from around the city.

He said: “The extraordinary fortitude and success of President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people in resisting Russian forces in Kyiv means that I can today announce shortly… we will reopen our embassy in Ukraine’s capital city.”

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