Putin and Lukashenko describe Bucha killing as ‘fake ‘ and ‘staged by Englishman’ | World | News


He said: “When it comes to Bucha … it’s the exact same fake as in Syria. What is happening in Ukraine is a tragedy … but they left us no choice.”

Putin also added that Russia’s military “goals are absolutely clear and noble”.

He also slammed the US, alleging Washington was using Ukraine as a proxy conflict and was “ready to fight against Russia until the last Ukrainian” — while repeating his claim it was “impossible” to isolate Russia with sanctions because of its size.

He said: “It is impossible to severely isolate anyone in the modern world —especially such a vast country as Russia.

“The [economic] blitzkrieg that our ill-wishers counted on, of course, did not take place.”

Putin also explained to reporters that negotiations with Ukraine had hit a “deadlock” due to an “inconsistency on fundamental issues” and speculated that talks may take place in Belarus in the future.

After the partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Bucha, a town outside of Kyiv, earlier this month, authorities discovered roads lined with civilians apparently tied up and shot at close range, as well as mass graves of local residents.

Russia has repeatedly denied it was responsible but independent media reports have argued that it is unlikely that it was staged by Ukraine. 

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The two Presidents visited Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia’s Amur Region to mark Cosmonauts Day, the anniversary of the first manned spaceflight by Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gargarin in 1961.

Lukashenko said that the Russian internal intelligence service the FSB would be able to provide evidence that the Bucha massacre was staged.

The Belarussian President said: “If you need addresses, passwords, car licence numbers, the models of the cars in which they arrived in Bucha and how they did it, the FSB of Russia can provide these materials.

“If not, then we can help in this regard. Together with our Russian friends . . . we completely revealed this nasty, vile [plot] by the West.”

Putin said that Belarus had handed over documents to Russia’s FSB spy agency which proved that dozens of images of dead, unarmed civilians and interviews with survivors were “fake” but he didn’t give any further details.

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