Patrisse Cullors: Black Lives Matter co-founder resigns


But she says it’s not because of the revelation that she has acquired 4 homes. Ms Cullors – a self-described Marxist bought a $1.4m luxury home in Topanga Canyon, near Malibu, and owns three other homes, including a custom ranch in Georgia.

The Foundation said in February that it had raised $90m (£63m) amid last year’s racial justice protests following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The foundation said it ended 2020 with a balance of more than $60m, after operating expenses, grants to black-led organisations and other expenses, including those of Ms Cullors.

The grieving parents of Michael Brown and Breonna Taylor – two African Americans whose deaths at the hands of police officers were often cited by Black Lives Matter, last month reportedly complained that regardless of all this money raised, Ms Cullors and the BLM organisation had done absolutely nothing to help them.

Any aspersions that her newfound wealth came from BLM donations are, she said, “due to right-wing attacks trying to discredit my character, and I don’t operate off of what the right thinks about me.” She, however, did not appear to be ready to volunteer the source of those funds which remains a mystery.  Her resignation, “was not related to claims that she had misused donations to acquire her property portfolio,” she said.

Conservative critics – but also some black activists – called for an investigation into whether Ms Cullors had used the organisation’s funds to enrich herself.

Facebook banned users from sharing this story, citing privacy concerns, and a black journalist said he was locked out of his Twitter account after he posted the article.