My Operation by Ken Bloomfield

 My Operation by Ken Bloomfield 

 I had a nasty operation that really wasn't fun,

 they started with a needle and stuck it in my bum,

 You'd think that that would be enough but satisfied they weren't, 

they stuck another in my back and that one bluddy hurt,

 And then they rolled me over and the room began to spin,

 I drifted to a happy place and woke up with a grin,

 It's over and it's all gone well, this masked and gowned man said, 

then they rolled my trolley to a room and put me on a bed,

 I lay there feeling still quite high, it really was quite nice,

 I hadn't felt this good for years, well only once or twice,

 But soon the drugs had done their bit and it was time to go

 a little sore but well repaired? I really do hope so.