More Evidence of Voter Fraud in Presidential election:


Monday’s video showing expert Ken Lenberg using a tabulator to flip votes as one more piece of evidence should have turned the heads of every media person and government official in the state of Michigan. Lenberg’s demonstration is further proof that the Antrim County election may have been fraudulent. Friday’s Dark to Light podcast featured Attorney Matt DePerno, who filed the first election lawsuit, still ongoing, that has made it to the evidentiary phase. At the end of the interview, he asked a simple question,

“Why have state senators and state representatives not said one single thing about this since Monday? [It] is unbelievable. They should have risen up already and come out in one collective voice that they are going to conduct an independent audit of this election after this information was put out. Not one single Michigan media company has covered this story. They have all ignored it collectively. They don’t want to talk about it. No one wants to publicize it, and our attempts to share that video, in many ways, get blocked.”

Despite the censoring, the response to Lenberg’s demonstration has been overwhelming- unlike anything “they have put out or seen in this case.” He says that he hopes that “people are starting to wake up, and [he] hopes our senators are starting to wake up. The fact that they don’t even talk about this shows their own corruption.”

UncoverDC has closely followed this case since its first filing on November 23, 2020. In its April update on the case, UncoverDC reported, among other things, that DePerno had discovered that Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy “authorized her staff to remove files and data from the voting machines on Nov. 4, 2020.”

As reported by UncoverDC, DePerno filed an amended complaint on May 3 to expand the counts of fraud and the parties who allegedly participated in a dirty election. His explanation of the blocks, twists, and turns he and his client have experienced shows a steadfast commitment to finding the truth about the 2020 election for the people of Michigan.