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by Lara Logan

The Taliban have a squads going door-to-door and committing executions but the Taliban have Imperial Leader Joe Biden convinced they’re a kinder, gentler theocracy this time around.

Their leaders say they want to open up diplomatic negotiations but as soon as the last planeload of Americans took off from Kabul, they started shooting anyone they don’t trust.

Ahmad Farshid killed today fighting for freedom in Pansjir Valley in Afghanistan against the Taliban & al Qaeda terrorists who now, thanks to Biden, are armed with advanced US weapons and technology. He was 16 years old. How many more have to die before the Biden Admin stands by America’s allies?

Here’s the will power Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin said you can’t buy:

Our allies attacked with our technology. Night vision giving the terrorists significant advantage. Insult to the ‘band of brothers’ US & Afghan who bled/died together.

One Afghan leader said to me: ”They sold us for nothing”. Lara Logan

Further report by Bree Dail

In an audio recording, Tarana music blares in the background while a man speaking Pashto asks his superior for permission to “hunt down everyone” on lists of Afghans who helped the United States. The unnamed speaker—who sources believe is a Taliban combatant—asks whether those captured should be killed, suggesting methods of execution.

The recording, obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times, was sent on Aug. 31 to the family of a former Afghan interpreter for the Department of Defense (now a U.S. citizen), who were left behind in the country.

The message of the recording is that the Taliban are now in control: “Thank God the Americans have withdrawn from the airport and everything is in our own hands.” Says the Taliban combatant on recording.

The source of the recording, and why it was sent to this family, isn’t clear, although Department of Defense intelligence experts told The Epoch Times they believe it was sent to phone numbers taken by the Taliban from lists of those holding special immigrant visas (SIV)—the visas granted to Afghans who worked for the United States. The experts believe the recording is a psychological warfare operation meant to panic, and thus flush out, individuals who assisted the United States.

On Aug. 20, The Epoch Times reported that the Taliban had acquired U.S. surveillance equipment that might provide access to databases of biometric information on Afghans.

Politico reported on Aug. 26 that “U.S. officials in Kabul gave the Taliban a list of names of American citizens, green card holders, and Afghan allies to grant entry into the militant-controlled outer perimeter of the city’s airport.”

On Aug. 30, White House press secretary Jen Psaki pushed back against this report, saying that it was inaccurate to say such lists had been given “preemptively” to the Taliban.

In any case, the recording claims, “we received all of their lists, those who were relying on foreign forces to evacuate them to America.”

The speaker asks permission from his superior to “start searching from Kandahar and Badakhshan provinces” for Afghan allies stranded in the country. He asks, “What is your order regarding finding and gathering all of them and kill them, hang them, or expose them to the public or stone them to death—what should we do?”

I would say, obviously not allow them to leave the country as Biden assured us they would. Biden, Psaki & co seem surprised and disbelieving that the Taliban is not honouring the agreement that Biden thought he had. Yet another fiasco by Biden and the Democrats and this time it’s costing many lives.