HSBC gives important warning for Britons living in ‘bank scam capital of the world’ | Personal Finance | Finance


HSBC shared: “No genuine company will ever call you out of the blue to ask for remote access to your devices.”

Payment scams

The first February scam warning involved victims getting a call, text or email from fraudsters claiming to be from HSBC or other financial organisations.

The scammers then claim there have been fraudulent transactions on the victim’s account and that they need to transfer their funds into a ‘safe account’.

HSBC warned: “The criminals will often warn that bank employees are part of the fraud and coach you not to trust them. Being asked to lie to the bank about the reason for making a payment is a clear warning sign of a scam. HSBC will never ask you to move money. If somebody is asking you to move money, it’s a scam.”

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