Honda says production at UK factory paused due to car parts shortage | Business


Honda had to pause production at its UK plant because of a shortage of car parts caused by delays in getting parts into Britain in the run-up to the end of the Brexit transition period, according to reports.

The car company, which relies on “just in time” and “just in sequence” supplies, said that decision was “due to transport-related parts delay” as ports were hit by Brexit demand and coronavirus restrictions.

The situation is currently being monitored to ensure there is no shortage of supplies.

Honda’s Swindon factory in south-west England built just under 110,000 cars last year but is due to close permanently next year.

The company is looking at alternative arrangements, such as flying parts in, to ensure continuity.

The carmaker joins a growing number of businesses complaining of disruption that can be traced back to the ports. Builders are reporting shortages of power tools, timber and roof tiles while retailers are struggling to get stock into stores.

Roads in Kent were hit by lorry queues with the congestion caused by a reduction in the number of ferries because of Covid.

Days ago five-mile tailbacks developed on the M20 after France started to test its new immigration system.

The situation at the ports has been described as better than was expected, at a time when their ability to handle it is hampered by coronavirus restrictions.

Since September, the country’s biggest container port, Felixstowe, has been struggling to cope as firms rushed to replenish stock after the lockdown ended while simultaneously building stockpiles before the final Brexit deadline.

In November, it was revealed that 11,000 containers of government-procured PPE were part of the problem at Felixstowe. That backlog was cleared by Christmas.

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