HOME Secretary Priti Patel has overcome protests by activists and celebrities to deport more than 1,128 foreign national criminals from the UK


A total of 1,128 foreign nationals convicted of crimes including murder and rape were reportedly removed from the country this year.

Among those deported were 23 murderers, 189 rapists, 70 child sex offenders, 705 drug dealers, and 141 individuals convicted of grievous bodily harm and other types of assault. 

They were transported on more than 30 chartered flights.

A Home Office source said: “Despite protestations from the Labour Party the Home Secretary has not let up in her determination to remove foreign criminals from our country. We have removed 1,128 this year and will push on with plans to increase this next year.”

Do-gooding celebrities, safe behind the walls of their secure homes and bodyguards, also joined in with objections to the removal of these criminals. It’s not reported if these ‘celebrities’ have spoken with any of the victims of the crimes these people committed.

Last ditch legal attempts to block foreign criminals being booted out of Britain will be banned next year, says Home Secretary