Democrats start destroying American jobs: ‘Hundreds’ of WI workers lose their jobs after Biden Halted Keystone pipeline


FRANKSVILLE — Three Republican Wisconsin Congressmen joined the backlash against the Biden’s decision to halt the Keystone pipeline project, claiming that “hundreds” of Wisconsin workers are losing their jobs as the massive and controversial construction project ground to a halt this week.

The decision to revoke the permit allowing construction of Keystone XL was one of the first executive orders signed by incoming President Joe Biden, leading to praise from environmental groups but heavy criticism from proponents of the oil and gas project, including three of Wisconsin’s representatives in Congress.

Over 1,000 jobs connected to the Keystone project will be eliminated in the coming weeks, Keystone XL President Richard Prior said earlier this week. “Hundreds” of those jobs being eliminated are held by Wisconsin workers, the Republican Congressmen claimed Friday.

“I find his decision disgusting. Hundreds of Wisconsin workers lost their jobs because of what Joe Biden did. He needs to reconsider this action and put Wisconsin workers back to work,” Rep. Steil told reporters.

“The environmental concerns are very misleading to a lot of people,” Steil said. “The oil and gas are still going to be transported into the United States of America. It’s going to be done by rail – a less efficient way of moving gas, with greater risk to the environment from rail accidents.”

Tribal and environmental groups applauded President Biden’s decision.

Outside of the statements from the Wisconsin legislators, it is unconfirmed how many Wisconsin workers will lose their jobs in connection to the cancellation of the Keystone pipeline but in the whole project, there will be many thousands of good, well-paid jobs.