Crafty ‘Brexit waivers’ could prove dodgy deals for new car buyers | The Crusader | Finance


This is for a motor they are signing up for now but will be delivered in the New Year. Brexit negotiations are on a knife-edge but the outcome of a no-deal could mean car manufacturers paying a tariff or tax-hiking up the cost. Whether they would want that then passed on to customers is unclear.

But it could be slipped into a finance contract anyway and potentially leaves customers at risk of paying higher charges.

One would-be buyer told us “When I asked about a line I saw in the paperwork about payments changing it was glossed over. I was told it was nothing to worry about and just a “Brexit waiver”, nothing more was explained.”

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Another woman spoke of her dilemma of wanting a particular hybrid vehicle for which there was a couple of months’ wait.


“I came away really confused from the garage,” she explained. “The price offered now was higher but the upside is I would be in the queue for the car I want.

“If I wait it might be cheaper or dearer, no one knows because of Brexit, but I would have to wait longer as I would go to the back of the queue.”

Whatever the outcome of the talks, if buying ask before signing about all terms in the contract and any special “waivers”.

If these leave a buyer exposed to higher charges but tied into an agreement that could be challenged legally, no doubt about it. But even having the hassle of that would not be worth it. Slow and steady does it at the moment.

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