Covid LIVE: Testing in chaos as NO PCRs available in England after lateral flow hell | UK | News


Around 800,000 people are estimated to be in isolation, causing disruption across the nation to public services from bin collections to rail services and businesses.

Up to four in ten NHS staff in London could be absent due to isolating with Covid, according to some estimates. The total number of health workers self-isolating in England has risen from 12,240 to 18,820 in a week. Almost 4,000 NHS staff were absent last week alone, because of COVID.

Around 43 percent of NHS absences in London were because of Covid, compared to about 16 percent at the end of November, according to the FT.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, chair of the British Medical Association’s ruling council, said to the FT that the data understated the severity of the situation because it does not account for absences in general practice and community services.

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