Chuck Schumer Endorses Biden’s Plan To Force Public Schools To Allow Males In Female Bathrooms


Senator Chuck Schumer supports Joe Biden’s plans to force schools receiving federal funding to accommodate male students’ who want to use female bathrooms, locker rooms, and play sports with students of the opposite biological sex.

“Joe Biden said that on his first day of office, he will give transgender students access to sports, bathrooms and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity in federally funded schools,” a reporter stated. Schumer was asked, “do you think he has the ability to do this and do you agree with his decision?” he replied that he agreed completely with the decision.

Man accused of sexually assaulting a girl, 7, in dance studio toilet before ‘stabbing the man who saved her’ spent two hours the day before the attack trying on dresses in a shop

  • Bizarre behaviour of man accused of raping a seven-year-old has been revealed
  • Anthony Sampieri, 54, was trying on dresses only metres from the crime scene
  • The alleged attacker spent nearly two hours in the women’s boutique
  • A day later, he allegedly walked to a nearby dance studio and assaulted a girl
  • In the UK
  • A man identifying as a woman, 18, has sexually assaulted a ten-year-old girl in a Morrisons toilet just weeks after using her phone to spy on another girl in an Asda female toilet.

Katie Dolatowski, as he/she is known, admitted grabbing the young girl in Morrisons by her face and forcing her into a cubicle in Fife, Scotland.

Dolatowski, who identifies as a woman threatened to stab the girl’s mother and made the girl take off her trousers in the Kirkcaldy supermarket.

These are only two cases and once Biden’s and Schumer’s rule becomes Law there are bound to be a deluge of others. If men are allowed in women’s toilets, transgender or not, the women and children using them are going to be put at risk, it’s common sense. Any responsible government with concern for their citizens would not allow it.