BonBonWhims Chunky 2000s-Inspired Rings Fashion Interview


The chunky-ring trend is taking over, and one designer you have to thank is BonBonWhims’s Clare Ngai. We spoke with the designer of the whimsical brand that will take you right back to the 2000s with its colorful designs. The name also seems to have the same cheery sentiment that the designs evoke. “BonBon means candy in French, and it also means good. Whims is short for whimsical, [so that’s how I got] whimsy. I wanted this to be a really good-vibes-only, positive brand, and I feel like that really embodies all of those messages. My jewelry, as you can see, is very colorful and chunky,” Clare told POPSUGAR.

“Making jewelry has always been a hobby, and then the pandemic hit and I started doing more, trying to use it as a distraction. During COVID and when I was working from home, I thought, ‘Let me just start an Instagram and see what happens.’ Of course, at first, it was just friends and family. Then slowly, random people would DM me. It was actually a DM-to-shop brand all the way up until this past November.”

Another thing we love about the brand? BonBonWhims has been giving back to the AAPI community by making donations to Send Chinatown Love, Stop AAPI Hate, Heart of Dinner, and AALDEF. So you can feel great about your purchase, too! Keep scrolling to read more about the brand and shop some of our favorite selections.

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