Biden’s moves to limit freedom in the US starts by adding Big Tech Members to His Team


Despite growing criticism against big tech’s power, Biden’s transition team is adding current and former big tech executives. Dozens of tech execs are filling positions in Biden’s Administration.

There are more former and current employees from Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other Big Tech groups that are set to serve under Biden.

NTD spoke to Allum Bokhari, a senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. He said in the wake of the censoring of President Trump, Europe may regulate American tech companies more harshly. It’s now unclear if Big Tech will survive in the long run. Bokhari says there may be a growing demand for alternative platforms and distributing services.

An observers Opinion: We believe that there already is a huge demand for alternatives to the huge left-biased tech conglomerates that have failed the public, so miserably, to remain neutral in the recent US election. This has helped a questionable character to make gains that were quite possibly undeserved and now leave the US with doubts about the legitimacy of the result. In the wake of Biden and Big tech’s attack on Parler, (an alternative social site which is fighting back) is making rapid gains. A sure sign that the public is disillusioned and looking for a way to regain their freedom from the constraints of a Free Speech denying Biden administration.

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