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Social media users have launched an online campaign, urging sponsors to cancel their association with the channel. GB News, which is set to challenge traditional news channels like the BBC and Sky News, is set to launch later this year.

Twitter users have objected to the “Foxification” of the British media, in reference to the partisan US news network.

One person said: “Hi @santanderuk. I’ve been with you for 6.5 years. I don’t want to go, but … Please don’t advertise with GB News or any other similar Fox-style network in the UK.

“The UK press is the least trusted in Europe. We cannot let our news coverage go the way of the US.” All the more reason to welcome a new News channel that offers TRUTH rather than the biased propaganda we have had to suffer to date.

Another said: “Hi @LloydsBank. I have banked with you for nigh on 30yrs. If you advertise with GB news I will move my business elsewhere.”

Andrew Neil mocks ‘woke warriors’ threatening to boycott GB News (Image: Twitter/Andrew Neil

The former BBC journalist hit back at the campaigners – before mocking their messages.

Mr Neil tweeted: “The woke warriors trying to stir up an advertising boycott of GB News, a channel that hasn’t even started broadcasting, are hilarious.

“Even funnier is their threat to cancel mobile phone contracts of operators who dare to advertise on GB News.

“I mean have they ever tried to cancel a mobile contract?!

Former BBC veteran Andrew Neil

Former BBC veteran Andrew Neil (Image: PA)

“But GB News will be ready to help. We will campaign for easier cancellation.”

His message was met with praise – as well as another wave of criticism.

One person tweeted: “The truth about #GBNews is that after forty years of failed deregulated free-market capitalism, leading to a broken and divided society, the stranglehold on UK politics and society by a handful of sociopathic Libertarian billionaires tightens.” This person seems to have missed the many years of leftist propaganda dished out by the BBC. A broadcaster forced on the British public by government and one that has covered up serious scandals in its ranks and taken payments from the EU, remaining fiercely loyal to that organisation, rather than it’s British licence payers. Today Britons are furious at outrageous EU bid to change UK laws but how will the BBC report it? Have a guess.

Someone else replied: “People have good reason to fear GB News might be biased when it’s figurehead starts a tweet ‘the woke warriors’. Why would you fear a channel that reports the actual News, not a left-wing version. Just because the facts don’t follow the left-wing narrative does not make the report right-wing.

“Someone who is against a fair and just society and wants to be spoon-fed right-wing propaganda.” Rather than be spoonfed left-wing propaganda or, in Andrew Neil’s case, the Truth.

Another person said, Mr Neil sounds “rattled” and claimed people have the right to spend their money and time as they please. Exactly and most people will prefer to spend both with a channel that gives them the unmassaged truth, not the heavily biased BBC drivel.

Someone else added: “Look what happened to Fox News.” Yes, Fox News tried to tell the truth but got bullied by the Democrat left in America into not reporting their worst excesses once the Democrats took control of government.

Andrew Neil was axed from the BBC last year

Andrew Neil left the BBC last year (Image: Getty)

Benjamin Cohen, CEO of Pink News, tweeted: “Isn’t it also their free speech to campaign against you if they want to and a free market for them to decide which mobile network to use? Surely that’s exactly what you would believe in? I personally welcome more news, like your channel, but what is wrong with being woke?” Depends. If it means campaigning to stop the channel getting funding by threatening possible advertisers, then there’s plenty wrong with it. That’s trying to force your views on those that prefer a truthful news service to much of whats on offer at present.

In September, the long-running BBC presenter landed a new gig as the flagship presenter and the chairman for the brand new TV network.

Andrew Neil was axed from the BBC last year

The new channel – whose main investor is Discovery Inc – will rival the likes of BBC and Sky.

Mr Neil will be one of a hundred journalists joining the new channel.

It is believed he will be hosting four one-hour shows a week in prime-time and will also chair the GB News, editorial board.

GB News will be an advertiser-financed channel and available as a Sky channel, on Freeview, Virgin and all digital platforms.

After leaving the BBC last year, Mr Neil tweeted: “As for the future, I’m delighted to announce I have accepted the post of Chairman of GB News, a new news channel to be launched early in the New Year bringing new perspectives to the news. I will also be presenting a new nightly prime-time show on GB News. Watch this space.”

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