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Saturday around the Table by Ken Bloomfield

We sit around the table, the family and me
telling jokes and stories while Mum just cooks tea
The baby does a puzzle but whinges all the while
she’s a funny little moaner but she always makes me smile
It’s an ordinary Saturday and their voices still are loud
as they sit exchanging gossip and calling out the crowd
It makes a change for them to not be on their mobile phone
watching clips on Tik Tok which makes me want to groan
I’m thinking that it cannot last they cannot live phone free
or at least, just for a moment, they might have a chat with me

The World Was Closed Today by Peter Hehir

They said the world was closed today
So I went to have a look,
I found it with the shutters down
And the phone was off the hook.
So I stood there for a little while
But no one was around,
Then silence came and startled me
With the most alarming sound.
I asked him where the others were,
And why the streets were bare,
He whispered ‘Life had run away
While death was playing there’
‘Oh no’ I said ‘It can’t be true
For life is not afraid’
‘But no one ever goes’ he said
‘Where death has ever played.’
I understood and walked away
As Hope was standing there
With Courage in her afterglow
And the sunlight in her hair.
She said ‘Go home to those you love
This is no place to be,
For if we walk these streets today
Then no one shall be free’.
She threw her light to lead the way
And showed me where to go,
The very road that life had gone
Where the future flowers grow.
Then death showed me another way
But I didn’t want to look,
So I stumbled home in time for tea
And I read another book.
It was called The World is Closed Today
And the streets we shouldn’t roam,
The first line said ‘Just please be safe’
And the ending – ‘Stay at Home’

Glistening Waters by Paul Clifton

Watching all the pretty colours
In a skyline moving side to side
Gentle wind giving motion
Just enough for the metal birds to hide

No surprise, never tell lies
Glistening waters

The bright red diva looking so proud
Little dirty thing sitting in the crowd
A Pontiac purrs, I guess its hers
But a princess looks over
Never moves, never stirs

A screaming roar, soft stroke of the oar
Nothing left beside

No surprise
Never tell lies
Glistening waters

Across the bridge, see the real men play
God take a look, hear the children pray
Tools in their hand, they’re doing so well
Making toys for those who really live in hell

A screaming roar, soft stroke of the oar
Nothing left beside

Heavens made of many things
And the Spinals thereto help
Theres a big event around the corner
Goes down well with pride

A screaming roar, soft stroke of the oar
Nothing left beside

No surprise
Never tell lies

We Must Stay Strong by Julie Perrot

Our Nurses are crying, Our Doctors are too,
People are dying, yet others pull through.
We can’t see our families or visit a friend,
The virus is out there, when will it end?
It’s stolen our freedom, taken lives too,
Stay home and isolate, it’s all we can do.
Lockdown rules, yet selfish fools,
The virus they spread, it’s not real they said,
While grave diggers are working to bury the dead.
A new time is coming, Our future more clear,
The vaccine is working, Our Freedom is near.
Whilst we remember, With sadness so raw,
The ones we have lost, In this cruel virus war.
We will remember, with love in our heart,
We’ll hold friends close, no families apart.
We have learnt to prepare, for an enemy not seen,
Never again, will life be as it’s been.
People and places, hugs with a smile,
All together again, after such a long while.
Sunshine and laughter, smiling faces and fun,
We are almost there, we’ve almost won.
Till that day is here, we must stay strong,
Be safe, stay well, it’ won’t be too long.

The Enchanter by Paul Fenton

To Marc Bolan from Paul Fenton

The Enchanter sleeps on a crystal floor
Much safer now than he was before
Magic fell on the repute kind
His mission to ensue your mind
Angel star completive cosmic flying
His star for us is always shining
Gold dust halo protects his soul
His body’s gone but dreams stay whole
Dancing on mountains while eagles fly
Surf the breeze and kiss the sky
Bathe in seas until you’re old
Discover the corals the wizards gold
See dolphins silver bopping fish
The harmonic whale
Mortal souls will always find
Another evocative right behind
Genius bastion Angel of a fortress
Collecting dreams and tears from a princess
A gift of Patience such gentle sound
Through only the enchanted can it be found

My Operation by Ken Bloomfield

I had a nasty operation that really wasn’t fun,

they started with a needle and stuck it in my bum,

You’d think that that would be enough but satisfied they weren’t,

they stuck another in my back and that one bluddy hurt,

And then they rolled me over and the room began to spin,

I drifted to a happy place and woke up with a grin,

It’s over and it’s all gone well, this masked and gowned man said,

then they rolled my trolley to a room and put me on a bed,

I lay there feeling still quite high, it really was quite nice,

I hadn’t felt this good for years, well only once or twice,

But soon the drugs had done their bit and it was time to go

a little sore but well repaired? I really do hope so.

My Imaginary Childhood Friend by Ken Bloomfield

Hello Fred, I’m glad you’re back, I wondered where you’d been
Mum says I’ve got to brush my teeth, I’ve got to keep them clean
So let’s go to the bathroom and I’ll clean them in the sink
then we can go downstairs and we’ll get a fizzy drink
I’ve got a lego model that I need to build just right
if you want to come with me, you can help me if you like
We could build it in the garden, coz the Suns come out today
I love it when you come around and we go out to play
We could even play cricket and I could hold the bat
you could be the bowler and the fielder is the cat
Or if you didn’t fancy that, it wouldn’t worry me
we could go down to the garden and climb the apple tree
Mum asks me all about you, as she can’t see you here
I don’t know why she gets upset and often shed’s a tear
I tell her that you’re my best friend, as I’m a child alone
that you come to keep me company so that I’m not on my own
She thinks coz she can’t see you, that you’re not really there
yet I can see you clearly, even the colour of your hair
but she knows you make me happy when you come here for awhile
she says that she can tell that, just by looking at my smile.

She Got It All From Me by Ken Bloomfield

Have you met my Granddaughter? She’s pretty as can be
and everyone that see’s her says that she looks just like me
Ok I know her eyes are not this shade of blue
They’re more a striking brown of quite a darker hue
But her chin is mine for sure and her pretty smile as well
and if you look very closely I am sure that you can tell
She uses her hands a lot in conversation all the time
and anyone can see that the style of that is mine
She even talks like me, you can hear her use my words,
except her voice is lighter, just like a little bird’s
Her laughter is infectious, it will always make you smile
it’s like a gentler version of one I use all the while
and If I’m up in heaven when she becomes full grown
I’ll still be looking down on her, coz she’s my very own
and when she graduates from Uni with a very high degree
I’ll be so proud of her and I’ll let you know you see
Coz in the wind you’ll hear my voice, “she got it all from me.”