A serious talent, hidden away during lockdown


Paul Clifton James (previously known as Paul Clifton) is a highly talented Guitarist who has spent the last few decades touring with various bands that have selected him to play Lead Guitar. Arguably the most notable of them was “The Animals” with whom he played to a crowd of around 100,000 in Red Square in Moscow.

Prior to Covid, he has spent the last few years on the road with Leo Sayer to sell-out concerts in England, Scandinavia and all over Europe. During this busy period, he still found time to do some charity work for ‘Children in Need,’ so a Rocker with a heart.

After being so busy working out of London (Brentford) he has chosen to spend his time in lockdown in the historic little market town of Boston in Lincolnshire UK (the precursor of Boston USA). Here he has family and memories. Memories of a childhood that found him with a passion for Guitar at the age of seven when most of his mates were into football. That passion has never dimmed and his talent and expertise has only grown. Now like most of us he has had to stand down and take it easy. No simple thing for a guy who has been a Rebel Rousing Rocker for most of his life. No spring chicken (I daren’t reveal his age, he’d kill me), he can still knock out a song with more energy and enthusiasm than guy’s half his age. Such a shame that such talent has to be archived while this virus runs its course but rest assured he will come back with a vengeance when lockdown ends