​Shea McGee’s Outfits on Dream Home Makeover​


If you’ve watched Shea McGee’s Netflix show Dream Home Makeover or have shopped her Studio McGee collection at Target (highly recommend), you know how good her taste is. Her light and bright designs mixed with eye-popping accents are infectious, so much so that her merchandise sells out in minutes. But can we all just take a moment to hone in on Shea’s awesome fashion sense, please? After watching both seasons of Dream Home Makeover, I couldn’t believe no one was talking about her attainable style. Sure, her outfits are simple — typically jeans paired with a frilly top or a sundress — but the colors? The patterns? I’m obsessed! To honor her awesome outfits, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite styles from seasons one and two of Dream Home Makeover, because there’s no way I can be alone in this, right?

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